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Here are just some of the topics our experienced speakers can cover:

Changing Your Customer Service Story

If your business consistently battles bad reviews online, maybe it’s time to change the story - get to the root cause of the problem. You'll learn:

  • Where to look for the problem and get it fixed
  • How to engage “angry customers” to help keep you honest (and turn those bad reviews around)
  • Ideas to get customers to give you a second chance.

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Difficult Customers: it’s not them, it’s you

Got difficult customers? They’re not the enemy - they actually chose you first! But if they’re having problems that aren’t getting solved, then it’s time to fight for them. You’ll learn:

  • The #1 thing you can do to earn back the trust of a disgruntled customer
  • How to offer a “solution” when there isn’t one
  • How to follow up with them

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Get to "YES": Help the Customer Before You Sell the Customer (5 steps of consultative selling)

  • Learn how to ask the right questions to help your customers first
  • Ways to become a trusted advisor to your customers
  • When to ask for the sale

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The Golden Rule of Customer Service

  • Learn how to engage the customer in an authentic way from the first point of contact
  • Creative problem solving under fire
  • The icing on the cake to turn your customer into someone who recruits new business for you

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Skip the Script & Solve the Problem

Your customer is sick of “sorry” - and just wants you to fix the problem. It’s time to skip the script (and fake empathy) and get down to the business of creative problem-solving.


All of our speeches are customized to your needs.

What you can expect when working with us

  • You can expect us to start with a free 30-minute discovery call to find out about your conference and the audience.
  • You can expect us to create 2-3 customized speech options for you to choose from - before you ever pay us a dime.
  • You can expect us to schedule two pre-conference calls to go over the program and answer any last minute questions you might have.
  • You can expect us to work with your team on logistics: travel, lodging, tech needs, handouts.
  • You can expect us to be flexible if you need us to help you with something else.
  • You can expect us to be on-time for technical rehearsals and the big day.
  • You can expect us to start on time.
  • You can expect us to deliver engaging presentations with concrete action steps that your audience can start doing immediately.