18 reasons you need StorySelling Solutions

  1. You’ve tried the “spaghetti model” of advertising and nothing sticks.
  2. You want to add more sales & revenue.
  3. You want to reach a new target audience, but don’t know where to begin.
  4. You’ve lost sight of your business mission and you want to get it back on track.
  5. You need more donors for your non-profit, but you’re tired of “dialing for dollars”.
  6. You want positive news coverage!
  7. You’re only getting negative news coverage.
  8. You have a new spokesperson and you want them to be put through the toughest training so they’ll be ready when the media rolls up.
  9. You want to add video storytelling, but don’t know where to start.
  10. Your team needs training on: writing, storytelling, social media.
  11. You’ve outsourced your website or social media, but now you want to bring it back “in house”.
  12. You have money for advertising, but don’t know the best place to use it.
  13. You don’t know how to network to build your business.
  14. Your sales team is flat, and they’re out of ideas to bring in qualified leads.
  15. Your website looks like your competitor’s website, and every other website in your business.
  16. Your customer service team is driving customers away.
  17. You want to amplify your marketing message using employees and customers.
  18. Your non-profit organization needs fundraising and marketing training for your board members.

We can help you with all of these, and much more.

Our training is customized to your needs and can be one-time training (45 minutes to three days) or long-term consulting (minimum six months). Let us know how we can help your for-profit or non-profit business today.

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